Most frequent questions and answers on products and market CSA

In reference to CSA Derivatives, the acronym CSA stands for “Certificates Sport Asset,” not to be confused with the CSA Token project, where you can find more information on the website

It is a financial derivative product, specifically a Certificate.

Certificates are financial derivative instruments, generally issued by investment banks or financial institutions. These are financial instruments that can be indexed, and consequently, make it possible to invest in different types of underlying. Certificates are products that have an excellent reputation, wide knowledge and diffusion on international markets, they also have tax benefits thanks to the ability to offset capital losses with capital gains.

In finance, the underlying is the financial asset to which a derivative instrument is linked, and whose performance on the markets determines the value of the derivative itself. It can be commodities, currencies, interest rates, securities or indices. In the case of CSA products, indices on players and Clubs are the underlying ones.

An index is a set of data representative of an entire market or sub-market. It tracks the performance of that market and is used as a benchmark for institutional investors or managers.

In the case of CSA, the index measures the market value of professional team sports athletes, such as players in the main European leagues, or the overall value of the Clubs. An index is calculated for each player as well as for each Club.

The company supplying the indices is Wallabies S.r.l., creator of a system of artificial intelligence algorithms linked to the world of sport, capable of providing the exact and reliable determination of the market value of professional athletes and Clubs. Wallabies is the leading exponent in the evaluation of the market value of athletes and Clubs for reliability, solidity and proprietary methodology.

Its services are currently used by elite Clubs at an international level for the evaluation of athletes during the acquisition and sale operations.

The Wallabies platform collected data on over 10 million minutes played and organized a database of over 60,000 players and 40 football leagues from the main countries. This constantly expanding database makes it possible to create indices (and consequently products) tailored to market demands, commercial attractiveness and media exposure.

The Wallabies algorithm is based on Machine Learning techniques that analyze 7,000 variables related to player performance together with recent sports market transactions in order to provide an updated assessment of the market value of the individual player and the entire Club. For more information, we recommend that you read the rulebook which can be downloaded from the CSA Derivatives and Wallabies website.

The value of the underlying changes as a result of the performance recording. The performances of the players, and the consequent variation of the index, are calculated only on non-friendly official competitive matches.

In the case of CSA products, buying a LONG product means investing in the rise in the market value, therefore, the higher the value of the underlying and the greater the gains will be, in the opposite case buying a SHORT product means investing in the fall in the market value, so, the more the value falls, the more the investor earns.

The types of CSA products are:

a) Product with the underlying index on a single player (e.g. Nicolò Barella)
b) Basket product with the underlying basket index on Club players (e.g. Top strikers of the Champions League)
c) Product with the underlying index on a single Club (e.g. Juventus F.C.).


The issue of Certificates is reserved exclusively for financial institutions and Banks.


The CSA Basket products are Certificates having as underlying the market value of a group of professional athletes and/or Clubs.

On the CSA Derivatives and Wallabies website, there is a description of the underlying, the reference ticker, the opening and closing value, and qualitative information relating to each index.

The purchase of newly issued products and those already in circulation must be made directly from your Bank, consultant, promoter or financial intermediary.

If investors want to totally or partially liquidate their position or buy a product already in circulation, they can contact their reference Bank or distributor who will search the market for the counterparty.

In the remote case of sudden and definitive interruption of the career eg.: death cause, permanent disability, disqualification for doping etc., the market value of the player in question will go to zero. For more information, we recommend that you read the rulebook which can be downloaded from the CSA Derivatives and Wallabies website.

In the event of an injury or temporary interruption of performance, the index will not record any change for the first 45 days. From the 46th day onwards, the index will imply a downward variation of 1% for each game not played by the player in question. For more information, we recommend that you read the rulebook which can be downloaded from the CSA Derivatives and Wallabies website.

If the player does not participate actively during an official match with the Club or National Club, the index, and consequently the product, will not undergo any variation.

Private Placement is the set of transactions through which issuers offer newly issued financial instruments that are placed with a limited number of international investors (institutional investors such as mutual funds, Italian and foreign Banks and financial intermediaries, trust companies or individuals of high standing).