Building the world of
Sports Assets

The world's first financial products based on Clubs and professional players

A new financial product having as underlying a financial index that measures the value of Clubs and professional players

Key Highlights


Asset Class

The "CSA" project effectively creates a new Asset Class linked to the sports world, sharing a path of growth and success both in the sports and financial fields.


Sport & Finance

Sports and Investments in a single global financial market, aimed at institutional, professional and qualified investors, with negotiations accessible directly through Banks and financial intermediaries.



Since it is possible to operate with Long and Short strategies, for the first time Clubs will have the possibility of hedging the risk of devaluation of their athletes, with objective benefits in terms of risk reduction.

Types of Assets



Our Partners

Strategic partnerships with leading players in the reference sector.

New Financial-Sport Market

Innovation, avant-garde, and professionalism, the metrics adopted by CSA Derivatives to create a new market that combines the attractiveness of financial markets with a passion for sport in a unique range of products: the Certificates Sport Asset.